My blog has moved

After I started my own company last year it made sense to incorporate my blog on my business website. To avoid dead links I will still keep this site online, although I won’t be adding any new content here.

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See you on the other site 🙂

How I became a Professional Scrum Trainer

Last year I reached a very important goal I had set for myself: I became a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) on behalf of But why was this so important to me, and how did I get on this path? Continue reading “How I became a Professional Scrum Trainer”

Update Scrum Guide: what else is new?

In my previous blog post I highlighted 5 common misconceptions about Scrum that are set straight in the latest release of the Scrum Guide. But what else is new? A quick overview for active Scrum practitioners. Continue reading “Update Scrum Guide: what else is new?”

Why Scrum doesn’t make you agile

When I was about 5 years old, I got my first swimming lessons. I vaguely remember that at first I wasn’t enjoying it at all. But when I was actually learning how to keep my head above the water and how to move in the direction I wanted, things got more interesting and rewarding. My swimming teacher and parents were encouraging me to keep up the good work so that I would be able to pass the examination that would grant me my swimming diploma. In hindsight, passing the examination and being granted my swimming diploma was the most significant achievement in my short life to date. I felt satisfied.

But what does this small achievement tell me about my swimming capabilities? Continue reading “Why Scrum doesn’t make you agile”

Values matter… a lot

When I’m working with teams and organizations I always emphasize the importance of values that contribute to minimizing time to market and the ability to quickly respond to changing needs. In this post I will explain why I think understanding and applying these working values are critical for business success in general. Continue reading “Values matter… a lot”

How to apply Scrum in your business

When I talk to people that have been recently introduced to Scrum, I hear the following question almost every time:

‘Can you tell me how I should apply Scrum in my team and organization?’

It’s a very logical question. We have been educated most of our lives by being instructed what to do, and then simply doing it. Scrum is a different cup of tea though. Continue reading “How to apply Scrum in your business”

Improve the IQ of your organization

It took me some time to figure out, but I’ve found the most important reason why organizations find it so difficult to improve: they tend to fix the wrong problems. And what’s even worse: they tend to think they are fixing the right problems. Ignorance is not always a blessing… Continue reading “Improve the IQ of your organization”

Are you a prisoner of your tools?

What do you need to get a job done?

You need the right tools and the right skills (and you might need some form of process – more about that later). But the wrong tools in the right hands is a recipe for disaster. Continue reading “Are you a prisoner of your tools?”

Developing software vs. running a business

We live in a fast-paced world nowadays. Uncertainty about even the near future seems to have become the norm. In order for companies to survive in the long run they need to respond to the continuously changing environment they operate in. Continue reading “Developing software vs. running a business”